Individually metered water bills | AWS body corporate managers
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Streamline administration costs and detect hidden leaks in strata title buildings

Get started today to individually meter and bill units in strata title complexes and save up to 10% on your water usage

The Flowd app works with any device

Save money and avoid bill shock

AWS uses the Flowd Smart Water Solutions water-metering technology to detect water leaks fast and save on excess water use.


Smart water metering is proven to save between 10% and 30% on clients’ water accounts by finding leaks fast, saving on excess water bills and providing easy access to water-use data to be water-wise.

How Flowd works

AWS will install a smart water meter or logger (depending on your circumstances) that will communicate your water use data directly to you via the Flowd App.

Meter Individually

Meter and invoice water based on individual use

Invoice Directly

Invoice water usage to tenants directly with the Flowd App

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for water leaks, to protect your clients’ valuable assets

The Flowd solution has been designed to support the unique challenges of many industries and also homeowners, the following demonstration video shows how you can improve the way that you use, monitor, manage and save water.

Individually meter and streamline administration

Flowd enables strata title complexes to be individually metered, meaning owners only pay their fair share of water use.

Easily manage multiple accounts

For the professional body corporate manager, the Flowd app allows you to manage water accounts for multiple clients through the one, easy to use, online portal.


This is time and money that can be redirected to working on growing your business or better servicing your clients.

Flowd smart water app invoice image

Leak Protection

Water leaks are a very real risk to every property owner, especially in strata-titled complexes, where damage can not only occur to an individuals’ unit, but surrounding units and common areas as well.

Aspire Water Solutions will enable you to provide a new level of leak detection service to your clients when it comes to protecting their valuable assets.


Because the Flowd app is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage at the sites that you manage.


When there is a leak or excess usage, the app can provides you with an automatic alert, enabling you to generate a support ticket to your plumbing provider.


An optional part of your client services are the Stop-Cock leak protection valves for all of your  properties’ braided hoses. These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.

Simple pricing

View our product bundles below to start saving water today

Flowd App + IOT Water Logger

From$1125inc GST / per unit



Flowd App – Initial 12 mth subscription

IOT Water Logger device


Please note:

Ongoing subscription to Flowd App p/year is $198 inc GST

Installation and delivery costs are an additional cost



Enterprise / Business Solutions

Custom Solutions


Contact for Pricing


Save up to 10%+ on water bills and individually meter strata title lots

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