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Water utility providers can detect network leaks and reduce water use by 10%+

Reduce leaks with smart network monitoring, leak detection and response services.

Improve your services offer

AWS uses the Flowd Smart Water Solutions water metering technology to monitor and report on water use, detect water leaks fast and save on excess water use.


Smart water metering is proven to save between 10% and 30% on clients’ water accounts by finding leaks fast, saving on excess water bills and providing easy access to water use data to be water aware.

The Flowd App is smart water meter brand agnostic.

We collect and process data from any smart water meter or logger. Flowd reports usage readings as practical, actionable data that saves water and avoids property damage.

Flowd benefits for water utility providers


Improve the way you manage your water networks


Offer better customer service with a range of new options


Help water users be water smart and sustainable


Know as soon as excess water use is detected through the Flowd App

Secure Payments

Electronic billing, secure online payments and direct debit


Create public awareness with great water saving stories

Split Billing

Meter individually and split bills easily in strata title buildings


Better management and conservation of water resources

The Flowd solution has been designed to support the unique challenges of many industries and also homeowners. The following demonstration video shows how Flowd can improve the way that we use, monitor, manage and save water.

Monitor, detect, manage and save

Your network


AWS supports water utilities to monitor water use within networks, including early leak detection notifications, leak location and network repair, if required.


We can provide, supply and install noise loggers that can monitor water usage within the network and configure the app to report if there are any suspicious values.


The Flowd app can then give the utility manager an alert directly, or we can provide an additional service to contact you personally and / or assist to rectify the issue if required.

Flowd smart water solutions outdoor dripping tap

Your customers


Improve your customer service offer, with user-friendly water use monitoring, leak alerts, individual metering in strata complexes, and streamlined billing and administration.


AWS allows water utility customers to track how much water is being used, where and when.


This information can be accessed, in real-time, to ensure water conservation, early leak detection and help reduce the risk of expensive water damage to private, community and public facilities.

Leak Protection

Combined with a smart water meter or logger, the Flowd App registers water usage at half-hour intervals. This means it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in any water system it is connected to.


When there is a leak or excess usage, the app provides an automatic alert. This enables the user to generate a support ticket to their plumber.

Flowd smart water solutions logo

Streamline your admin

Water utilities can now achieve greater efficiencies and better services.


AWS and the Flowd App will streamline every aspect of water account administration and provide the ability to administer water accounts online, saving time and money.


Client invoices can be generated without physical inspection of the meter

Safe, secure and adaptable

Our services to water utilities are safe, secure and adaptable to your requirements.

•     Data access via secured API for custom data manipulation needs
•     White label capable (can be branded as your utility provider service)
•     Device data ownership stays with the water utility
•     Flexible development – with functionality specific to your needs
•     Large scale onboarding of sites done by Flowd, easy to connect devices
•     Customer friendly – NOC style map dashboard for a utility to see leaks as they are detected

Detect and manage network leaks, help customers be waterwise, avoid bill-shock and reduce water use by 10%+

Get in touch for more information on our services to water utility providers

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