Pricing - Aspire Water Solutions
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Affordable water management solutions

*Please note as every customer circumstance may be different, the following are indicative prices only and confirmation of price is on application. Indicated prices shown as not inclusive of GST.

Smart Meter and installation costs

  • Flowd Smart Water Meter

  • Installation of Flowd Smart Water Meter


Ongoing management costs

  • Flowd Status Monitoring

    $95 p.a

Status Monitoring functionality is ideal for residents or water managers that want to have access to the Aspire Water Solutions system to monitor water usage in real time, through the Flowd Smart Water App and receive an SMS notification if there is any sign of a water leak or excess water use.

  • Flowd Status Monitoring + Billing

    $195 p.a

Status Monitoring + Billing includes the benefits of Status Monitoring (above) and includes the ability for water account managers to generate, water use bills directly via the Flowd Smart Water App, and water users to pay bills directly through the App.

This makes this a great option for water account managers, such as water utilities, property managers or body corporate managers.

  • Flowd full services packages

    $300 p.a

Our full services package includes the above Status Monitoring + Billing package in addition to a highly personalised service to ensure critical water leaks are addressed and managed.

This service includes a personal call to the water account manager to advise of a leak and reminder notifications until the situation is rectified. It is ideal for operators of large facilities such as shopping centers, supermarkets, universities, Councils and hospitals.

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