Meet the team - Aspire Water Solutions
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Meet the team

Who is behind Aspire Water Solutions?

Our team members are all experts in their fields, brought together by a shared vision to conserve water
and solve problems arising from undetected water leaks.

Dave Langdon – Chief Executive Officer

David Langdon is a founding partner and CEO of Aspire Property Management in Noosa. Aspire look after one of Noosa’s largest portfolios, with properties ranging from luxury resorts, holiday and residential homes to commercial buildings.


David built Aspire over the past 10 years. His entrepreneurial drive, focus on customers, and “outside the box” thinking has helped him build a very successful business.


Through Aspire, David has experienced many cases of undetected water leaks and excess water use – bill shock, property damage, insurance claims & disputes. This experience led him to investigate what eventually became the Flowd solution.

Marc Locchi – Chief Technology Officer

Marc has 28 years experience in managing businesses within multinational organisations in the technology space. He has held a range of local and regional executive roles in companies such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and IBM. In his regional roles, he was responsible for delivering on P&L’s of USD 600M+ and managed cross cultural teams of 150+ staff.


Marc changed career direction in 2010 upon returning with his family from Singapore. He began architecting, designing and building cloud based applications, for customers such as Stowe Australia, a company of 1,700 employees with a national footprint.

Guenter Hauber-Davidson – Director, Business Development

Guenter is one of Australia’s leaders in the field of water efficiency. He works with large water users, water supply authorities and at regulatory level. He has a unique ability to see, design and deliver practical water management solutions inside the framework of each site’s and client’s complex and individual requirements.


He established WaterGroup in 2006 guiding the company to success in a wide range of water efficiency projects. He covers every aspect of achieving savings, from initial feasibility, through to concept, evaluation, design, implementation, monitoring and verification.

Stuart Watt – Chief Operating Officer

Stuart is a Master Plumber originally from the UK where he did his training, and now with over 20 years’ experience as the founder and CEO of Ocean Plumbing and Gas Services, servicing the Sunshine Coast.


With clients across a range of sectors, from large complex industrial to commercial and government projects, much of Stuart’s work has been in strata-title buildings where water leaks have caused issues that go well beyond the boundary of a single apartment owner. One single water leak, if left undetected, can cause damage to multiple units and common areas


Stuart has always been interested in solving these kinds of problems and is proud that Flowd Smart Water Solutions is now providing the answer.

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