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Jill’s water bill shock

Jill’s water bill shock

Jill was shocked when she got her water bill of $960, up from a quarterly average of $330.

This was her first water leak and she hopes it will be her last. However, as water leaks are a common occurrence, she didn’t want to take the chance.

She believes the water leak was happening for around three to four weeks before she got her bill. Throughout this period, her household’s average daily water usage was 2,000 litres per day!

Jill cares about managing and monitoring her household’s water usage. She said:

“Firstly, water is a precious resource not to be wasted. Secondly, water is expensive, so not to be wasted! It’s also important for our kids to understand the value of water and not taking it for granted, but to understand where we can all be more efficient in our usage, every day.”

Jill found out about Flowd through a friend. She said her reasons for wanting Flowd is:

“To be more water efficient, to be alerted when and if we have a leak and save money in the longer term. Given that Noosa is built on sand, it’s so much harder to detect a leak than if it was built on harder stuff.”

She finds Flowd easy to understand and said that purchasing Flowd is:

“A no-brainer, when you can protect yourself from nasty, unexpected huge water bills, and save precious water. I was almost more upset at the fact that we had been wasting water for weeks without knowing about it, than the huge bill! Although obviously that wasn’t great news either!”

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