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Save water at home and detect leaks early

Get started today to protect your home from water damage and
save up to 10% on water usage

Save water and money

Did you know that Australians are some of the highest consumers of water in the world – even though we live on the driest inhabitable continent?


Just one slowly dripping tap can waste 9,000 litres of water a year…


AWS uses Flowd Smart Water Solutions water-metering technology to monitor and report on water use, detect water leaks fast and save on excess water use.


Smart water metering is proven to save between 10% and 30% on household water accounts by finding leaks fast, saving on excess water bills and providing easy access to water-use data to be water-wise.

How Flowd works

AWS will install a smart water meter or logger (depending on your existing system), on each mains water inlet. This device will communicate your water use data directly to you via the Flowd app.

Monitor Usage

Monitor half-hourly water usage for better water management

Detect Leaks

Detect leaks through anomalies in water use

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for water leaks to avoid bill shock and protect assets

Be Flowd water smart

Water leaks are more common than you think

Jill’s ‘bill shock’ story


Jill was shocked when she got her water bill of $960, up from a quarterly average of $330.


Jill believes the water leak was happening for around three to four weeks before she got her bill. Throughout this period, her household’s average daily water usage was 2,000 litres per day!


Read Jill’s full story

The Flowd solution has been designed to support the unique challenges of homeowners and many other industries. The following demonstration video shows how you can improve the way that you use, monitor, manage and save water.

Save water at home

Aspire Water Solutions allows households and families to have easy access to up to date data on their water use. This helps you to track how much water you are using, and when you are using it.


You can use this information to make sure you are on track to conserve water and help reduce those ever-present water bills.


We also help to make sure that you don’t have a hidden water leak somewhere, slowly causing damage behind walls, for example, that can be expensive to fix later on.

Flowd smart water app invoice image

Leak Protection


Because the Flowd Smart Water App is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in the system is is attached to.

Imagine all of the areas where there may be a dripping tap, or a concealed water leak that could slowly be causing unseen damage to your home.


The Flowd Smart Water App can be configured to provide you with an automatic alert if there is a leak or excess usage, enabling you to address the issue straight away so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem, or expense, later on.


An optional part of our services are the leak protection valves for all of the braided hoses in  your home (normally found under sinks). These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.


Installing an Aspire Water Solutions system gives you complete piece of mind that your family’s home is being protected from water leaks and excess usage, 24 hours a day.

Simple pricing

View our product bundles below to start saving water today

Flowd App + IOT Water Logger

From$1125inc GST / per unit



Flowd App – Initial 12 mth subscription

IOT Water Logger device


Please note:

Ongoing subscription to Flowd App p/year is $198 inc GST

Installation and delivery costs are an additional cost



Enterprise / Business Solutions

Custom Solutions


Contact for Pricing


Save up to 10% on your water usage costs

Get in touch for a complimentary, no-obligation demonstration of how
AWS can help your household save water and money.

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