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How can Aspire Water Solutions and Flowd Accreditation help you?

Flowd Accreditation means, that as an owner or manager of a property or facility, you have taken action to significantly reduce the risk of water damage in that property.

Flowd Accreditation

Flowd Accreditation is a reflection of your commitment to better water management and conservation.


Flowd Accreditation is available for Installers, Managers, households and water users.


For insurers, Flowd Accreditation provides confidence that a client has undertaken appropriate water leak and water damage risk mitigation actions.


Insurers may, therefore, wish to take this into consideration when valuing premiums and addressing claims.

Flowd accreditation water splashing in sink

Flowd Accreditation for Installers and Managers

Become AWS Accredited to install or manage the AWS Smart Water Management Systems.


AWS Accreditation is available to:



To become AWS Accredited, please Contact us today.

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