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Water is precious

Along with the air we breathe and the sun that shines, our water resources are our most precious.


Globally, our water reserves are under immense pressure. As demand for fresh water increases, water security is both a significant health and security issue. It is imperative that we improve the way we manage and conserve water and every individual has an important role to play.

water resources

Manage water resources and save

Aspire Water Solutions smart technology has been developed to improve the management of our precious water resources.

We help water users to better understand their water consumption and save both water and money, as a result.

Our easy-to-use and innovative technologies help to bring people closer to the way their water is managed and conserved.


We help owners, occupants,  managers and service providers, associated with all forms of facilities, to manage their water use, through improved water metering, leak protection and billing.

Flowd smart water app at work

AWS Smart Water Management

View your water usage at a glance, water leak protection and monitor excess water use via the Flowd App.

Streamlined water monitoring and billing at the click of a button through the Flowd App (ideal for property managers).


Installation and system management of the AWS Smart Water Management technologies.


Extension services to property managers, plumbers, body corporate managers and water/facility managers anywhere in the world, through access to our smart water meters and proprietary Flowd App.

Our Story

Aspire Water Solutions is an affiliate of Aspire Property Management – Noosa’s property management specialists.


The owners of Aspire have for nearly 15 years, focused their attention exclusively, on providing excellence in property management services.


Over the years, the number of times that water has been a management issue, whether it be a leak in a client’s facility, or controversy over responsibility and compensation for damages, or a dispute between stakeholders about water charges, have been too numerous to keep track of.


One thing is for sure, the costs of water keep going up, and as property managers, the process of managing water accounts on behalf of clients, doing everything manually, is time-consuming.


Clearly, something needed to be done to better manage the critically important matter of water use, while at the same time, give clients and tenants the tools to better understand water use and take steps to conserve water and save money.


Aspire’s interest in continually providing better services to our clients, lead to a unique local collaboration between property specialists (Aspire), Plumbing Specialists (Ocean Plumbing) and IT Specialists, Agile Technologies.


This collaboration brought together the right people to select some of the best, existing technologies, currently available on the market, including tried and tested smart water meters.


But what use is a smart water meter if it the information on the meter has to be manually visited in order to be read?


This is why we use the Flowd App, to work alongside the Flowd Smart Water Meter or any other device, to give all relevant stakeholders real-time access to water information on their devices, along with a suite of management tools from billing, to leak detection and responsive management.


Our work is now revolutionising that way water use can be understood, and managed.


We are so incredibly proud of what we have done.  After years of work in developing our globally unique systems, we are so incredibly excited, to now be able to share our passion and our services towards better management and conservation of our precious water resources.

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